The solar energy lamp is a multifunctional and social design for urban environments. The leaves of the flower have solar panels and can be turned towards the best sun position. The lamp produces its own energy and becomes a street light at night. The solar energy is also used to recharge electronic devices such as cell phones and laptops. The root structures serve as benches. Day and night people meet by the energy flower to relax and to recharge their electronic devices. In this way the non-social activity such as speaking on the phone is turned into a social act. People who recharge their cell phones by the energy flower show other citizens that they care about the environment.The solar energy lamp proves that sustainable and high-tech design can be beautiful. The flower as a motive stands in contrast to the urban environment and symbolizes something peaceful and poetic.




Posted on 17th September, 2010

I think that sun as well as flowers are vital for life and this such beautiful solar energy lamp mix sun`s light-heat with flower in perfect harmony.

In fact, using solar panels we help to live in a cleaner and healthy way. Fosile resources must be replace for wind and sun energy.

So, I think this creation is an exquisite idea to conscience people about this great energies.

I invite to all of us to join to the wolrldwide green and clean movement, and use more solar panels and less carbon resources.

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