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Great news! The mirror furniture, Grace, designed by Eva Harlou just landed in the new Mater showroom.
Grace was prelaunched at the Salone Del Mobile in Milan in 2017 and is now available.
On the table you see another product designed by Eva Harlou. It’s the double bottle.
To buy Grace click here!
For further information:
Materials: mirror, brass and oak wood

“GRACE is an elegant mirrored vanity furniture designed by the Danish architect Eva Harlou.
Named after Grace Kelly, ‘Grace’ is a modern interpretation of the classic dressing table or the French poudreuse, and draws attention to Hollywood films of the 1920s and ’30s that often depicted the femme fatale sitting at her elegant vanity table in the bedroom or dressing room.
Eva Harlou’s modern interpretation further allows the table to slide aside and turn into a wardrobe.
‘Grace’ is beautifully crafted in premium materials of FSC certified oak wood and brass metal detailing.
Eva Harlou designed this beautiful modern take on a classic vanity furniture with no less than four unique features - mirror, table, bench and handmirror.”


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